About MIRPURI Bespoke Tailoring


Generational Experience of Tailoring 

Mirpuri Bespoke is a family run business, where the trade has been handed down from father to sons. As such, tailoring is much more than a trade to us, but a sense of purpose and pride. Our aim is to maintain the highest standards, from the hand-crafted quality of the tailoring, the individual cut and fit, to the timeless style and design.

Our suits are cut and tailored the same way they have always been for over 50 years and we are proud to say that our original cutters are still with us as are our first ever clients. 

From our initial store in the centre of London, we now have stores in the heart of Geneva and one Zurich's famouse Bahnhofstrasse.


The Mirpuri Bespoke Tailoring Timeline

Make An Appointment

The first step on the journey is to make an appointment to visit us in one of our stores. They are conveniently located in the centres of London, Geneva & Zurich.

Initial Consultation

At your first consultation, we will take you through the bespoke tailoring process, from fabric selection, purpose of the suit etc. For example, if you were looking for a lightweight fabric that travels well, we would be able to propose a range of appropriate fabrics. 
Day 1

Commission & Measurements

Once we have selected an appropriate fabric, we will take over 35 measurements and note what makes your body unique. These will form the basis of your paper pattern. We will then discuss style (e.g., a two button jacket/side vents) and any personalisations.
Day 1

Creation of your paper pattern

Our cutters will then create a personal paper pattern by hand from which the fabric will be struck. This is your personal blueprint that will be the foundation of this suit and any further suits, jackets or trousers that we create togther.
Week 1 -4

First Fitting

Approximately one month later you will have a toile/muslin fitting based upon the the measurements taken at the initial consultation. At this fitting, we go through the style details one again and ensure that we are happy with button position and jacket length. Any adjustments are noted and then reflected in your paper pattern.
Week 4-5

Second Fitting/Basted Fitting

Your updated paper pattern is then used to cut into the fabric that you had selected for your basted fitting. A basted fitting is when you try on your suit that has been temporarily stitched together with white basting thread. At this fitting is when we really lock in all the important details, such as pocket position, fit, sleeve & jacket length.

And on our end, we’re taking careful note of the jacket’s drape. Are the shoulders warping at all? Should the sleeve pitch be adjusted? These are examples of the kind of adjustments that we make on the backend to ensure a perfect fit.

Week 7-8

Third Fitting

Once the tailoring magic is completed, your completed suit arrives instore for you to try on one more time to ensure the perfect fit. Of course, if there are still minor tweaks to be done - such as reducing the waist 1/2"(1cm), we would still be able to do that.
  More importantly, it is the time to discuss accessories (e.g., tie, pocket square) that will complement your commission. 
Week 10-12


If there are no changes at the third fitting, your new bespoke suit is ready for collection. Alternatively if there are minor tweaks, those can be completed relatively quickly. 
Your paper pattern is reviewed one more time to ensure that all changes have been properly recorded before it is stored.....until the next suit/jacket/trouser is ordered!
Week 10-12

I've been a client of Mirpuri for nearly 14 years

I was first introduced to Ajay and his team by a friend when I was an ex-pat in London and have bought suits, shirts, trousers, and sports jackets over the years. The craftsmanship is impeccable and truly bespoke to your needs in a garment. Because it's truly bespoke, the lead time is slightly longer, but the wait is worth it and accompanied by a high level of customer service to ensure the garments are 100% to one's liking.

Jon Charette, London

I have so appreciated the work of Raj Mirpuri....

....and Hemanth's support here in Switzerland. They made me a terrific suit for my wedding, and have done many shirts and other suits to order. They get the fit exactly right, have a wide range of excellent fabrics, and are highly professional in all regards. Can only recommend them most highly for all of your clothing needs.

Gregg Robins, Geneva

"Mirpuri Bespoke are absolutely brilliant.."

...I cannot recommend them highly enough. I have worked with them professionally for over 2 years and they have never let us down. They are a lovely team to work with

Emma Shaw, London