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Alumo Bespoke Shirts

ALUMO started as a family company named Albrecht + Morgen AG over 90 years ago. It has created top quality Swiss fabrics and maintained a very high quality level throughout its history. In March 1995 the company name was changed into ALUMO, and this name registered as a brand. It is now renowned worldwide as producer of finest shirtings with an annual output of 1 Million Meters.

Finest long staple, combed Egyptian cotton is used, spun and twisted in Switzerland, woven on modern looms in our state of the art weaving mill. The finishing is done in our own finishing plant, where a great know-how is accumulated. The finish is soft and natural.

In addition to 100% cotton shirts, ALUMO produces a fantastic range of mixed fabrics, with cotton/wool shirts, cotton/linen shirts and the famous Cashmerello fabric which is a mix of Cashmere and cotton for that extra softness.

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