Dormeuil Fabric Exel

Dormeuil Exel

The innovative spirit of the House of Dormeuil has led to the new collection, Exel, which takes comfort and luxury to a new level. Technical achievements at Dormeuil offer to master tailors a fabric in pure wool with a stretch factor which is twice as effective than ever before. Exel’s super stretch quality is the result of unique manufacturing techniques which exploit the natural elasticity of wool fibre. This is further amplified by state of the art dyeing and finishing to enable designers to make the most of the fabric’s natural advantages. It moves easily, producing an extraordinary level of comfort but with an impeccable silhouette and lasting drape.

The fabric is specifically created for a discerning clientele who will appreciate its refined colours. The blue spectrum reflects the sky, the sea and the marine environment, while summer pastels draw on the pinks, greys and beiges which are becoming the acme of contemporary elegance

Available Colours