Private Sale Offer: Three Bespoke Shirts for CHF 285 – Raj Mirpuri Bespoke Clothiers
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Bespoke Shirt: created exclusively for YOU
A Bespoke shirt is a custom made shirt cut to your precise body measurements, using the fabric / cut / color you want. So it looks & feels way above ordinary "off the rack" shirts. Here's a video about the difference between bespoke and off-the-rack.

Top quality shirts; 500 fabrics to choose from
Here's a few numbers about Raj Mirpuri shirts:
21 stitches / inch (vs 14 for most store-bought shirts), for longer durabilty.
120 Yarn Count ( vs 90 for most store-bought shirts), for more premium look & feel
A personal tailor will help you pick your shirt fabric (500 options!), color & style. You'll also select your cut style: from modern slick to classic lines & anything in between.

How it Works

The process is simple & takes around 5 weeks from start to finish:
  1. Measurement meeting (in Geneva or Zurich): your personal tailor will take your measurements and help you pick your fabric, style & color;
  2. Your measurements are sent to London where your shirt gets cut & designed;
  3. Fitting (in GVA  or Zurich) 2 weeks later: you'll try on the shirt. If the shirt already sits well, you leave with it on the spot. If the shirt needs more work, it's sent to London again for final touches &
  4. Your shirt is ready! 

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