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Autumn Winter 2016 Bespoke Tailoring Inspiration

Key Themes for Autumn/Winter 2016

The beauty of Bespoke Tailoring is the ability to combine what is considered "fashionable" at the time with classic tailoring and a fit that flatters you. Working with our fabric suppliers we are able to introduce a new range of cloths that are considered current not only this season, but for future seasons to come. 

1. Checked Suits

When the revolution of the menswear industry started at the beginning of the decade, designers went big and bold; that resulted in a number of very loud colours and designs that may have looked great in a magazine, but did not translate well into everyday use. 
They seemed to have learned the folly of their mistakes and have introduced a more somber, realistic collection of checks that still make a statement, but not one from a mile away. 

2. Shearling Coats

Shearling coats have been popular over the last couple of seasons and that has continued into this year as well. We are proud to be able to offer a complete bespoke shearling coat or jacket in a number of trims and options.

Personally we love it because it makes winter a lot more fun and luxurious - the traditional navy cashmere/wool overcoat is for Monday to Friday (or Thursday if you insist), whilst the shearling is delightfully a weekend only coat.

3. Tweed Jackets

Not a lot of people have commented on the amount of tweed that has been shown on the runaway and in the stores. Whilst most brands have kept the colours classic, the weave of the fabric is really only on show when you select a less conservative colour.

As a fantastic winter blazer, a tweed jacket is warm and can deal with the most difficult of weather situations.