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Suit Colours - What Do They Say About You?

January 20 2021 – Hemanth Mirpuri

Whether you're meeting with one of your employees or one of your top customers, you should always consider that what you wear and the colors you choose convey an unspoken message. In these rough economic times, businesspeople need to be mindful about what their clothing — much like their body language — communicates to clients.
Men often overlook the color of their clothing and especially suits as unimportant, something that will go unnoticed. Most don't realize how the color they choose to wear can have a dramatic effect on how they are perceived by others.
Businessmen need to realize the choice of suit color is just as important as cut and fit.
Here are some tips on color suiting effectiveness:


Navy is your power color. It connotes authority. You'll be perceived as a "take charge" type of person. Use navy suits for opening/closing arguments, public speaking, important presentations and when you want to look like an expert.

Earth tones

These are your "build rapport" colors. Wear earth tones to a staff meeting or team-building session or when selecting a jury, delivering bad news or meeting with a client and his family. Wear earth tones when you want to seem approachable. Keep in mind that people get the most compliments when they wear earth tones.

Blue and gray

Blue and gray hues are your loyalty and dependability colors. They're great for traveling and are part of the "do everything" color family. Blue and gray are always appropriate. Those colors also convey a good work ethic. Wear blues and grays when you will be meeting with your boss or even your boss' boss.


This is your most formal color. Use it in lieu of black tie or when you want to look cutting edge or fashionable. Like navy, black is also a power color. Wear black when you want to stack the deck in your favor. Think of black when you need to intimidate your competitor or want to outshine your competition.

Black and white

Black and white, as well as gray, are confidence colors. Black and white combine to create a good suit for an average day. Nothing special going on — just a great look. They're also good colors that you can mix and look like you know how to dress.


Creates a rock-solid image. It shows that you are a pillar of the community and are trustworthy. Charcoal works well for professionals who work with finances, such as financial planners, bankers, CPAs and sales professionals. Wear charcoal, for example, when asking a jury for big award, asking for a big sales order and when asking for an investment.


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