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New Year New Styles - Spring Summer 2021

January 14 2021 – Hemanth Mirpuri

Summer Tailoring 
We all have high hopes for 2021. It may not have started off the way we wanted it to, but hopefully by summer we would have returned to some sort of normality. 
We are pleased to announce that our new set of fabric books have arrived and now is the perfect time to plan for brighter days. The collection includes fabrics such as :
1. Holland & Sherry Oceania - Oceania is a collection of lightweight summer jackets inspired by the oceans and ocean beds that lie deep beneath them.
Delicate hues of blue, teal, turquoise, warm tans and coral, feature in this comprehensive collection of contemporary checks, windowpanes, semi plains and bold, textured, stripe designs.
The delicate use of colour, texture and design reflect the true glory of this collection, making it one of the most sought after collections for this season.


2. Crispaire - The collection first made its debut over 30 years ago and is still very much in demand. Before the advancement of technical yarns and high-twist alternatives, Crispaire was one of the first qualities developed for the purpose of business travel. Its coarse yarn count, traditional plain weave structure and unrefined handle produce a cloth that is full bodied, durable and bounces back into shape effortlessly when crumpled.

Now a popular and reliable core fabric within the Holland & Sherry collection, Crispaire fabrics have many recognisable key qualities appreciated by the artisan tailor.

The full-bodied crimp of the merino wool offers exceptional recovery properties, that produce a natural, high performance, crease-resistant fabric perfect for modern day business attire.

The Crispaire collection offers bold and uncompromising statement pieces, that will look forever new. Its timeless appeal produces a suit with crisp, pristine lines that will always look impeccable, no matter what the journey entails.

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3. New Ladieswear CollectionHistorically inspired by the heathers and gorses of the Scottish hillside, ladies wear tweeds are distinctive and unique in all ways possible. Each fabric has been carefully created with colour, weave and texture in mind. The intimate use of colour, the fusion of multiple, exotic fibres and the intricate interlacing constructions, enhance the fabrics appearance, drape and handle, giving each and every one of them their very own unique signature.
These colourful tweeds have been co-ordinated with luxurious stretch cottons, and opulent jacquards, creating a collection of fabrics suitable for any occasion.
This collection of interchangeable pieces provides the ultimate capsule wardrobe for the business professional on the go.
4.Solana - a traditional sun cloth woven in the traditional way!

Sol – the Latin name for sun, Lana, the Latin name for wool – when combined forms the name Solana. With its extensive colour palette, our Solana collection surpasses all others.

This exclusive collection of beautiful, wool-silk, iridescent fabrics are woven from classic coloured warp shades with sun dazzling, vividly coloured wefts! The 2/1 herringbone construction allows the weft colours to discretely shine through, producing fabrics with superior lustre and a stunning array of colour.

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