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How to choose the perfect autumn sportscoat

September 23 2021 – Hemanth Mirpuri

How to choose the perfect autumn sportscoat

How to choose the perfect autumn sportscoat


Each September, there is inevitably a morning that’s noticeably cooler and crisper than any that had preceded it; a clear sign of autumn. However, the afternoons can feel more like summer. Therefore, a lightweight jacket can be quite practical. So, in this article we’re going to provide some guidance on how to buy a fall sportcoat that is both versatile and contemporary. Something for use both in and out of the office.

Step 1: Decide on the jacket cloth

Do you want a casual sportcoat or one that’s a little more refined and more appropriate for a dressy office?

On one end of the spectrum is a casual and thick textured fabric. On the other, a very fine and clean looking cloth. Somewhere in the middle is the sweet spot of versatility.

Step 2: Construction and fit considerations

You may recall that with summer sportcoats, we like to suggest an unstructured coat (i.e. with minimal lining and maybe reduced canvas coverage) to help keep you cool.

So then, how to buy a fall sportcoat in the right construction? I think you have more wiggle room for this type of seasonal jacket. If you want to keep the jacket lighter and more breathable, then by all means, go unstructured, and when it gets a little too chilly, you can layer up with a sweater.

On the other hand, if you want the best looking drape possible in your coat, then you’ll want to build your fall sportcoat with a full canvas construction.

Finally, it’s wise to consider what you’ll wear under your fall sportcoat because it can impact the overall fit. Whereas with summer jackets and most suits you’ll probably only wear a think dress shirt or maybe even a T-shirt underneath the jacket. But for a fall coat, you might be more likely to wear a sweater or heavier dress shirt. Therefore, you might want just a little roomier fit.

It won’t end up being much, but an additional quarter to a half inch in the shoulder measurement, and maybe around the coat waist, can make for a comfortable jacket when wearing heavier shirts and sweaters.

Step 3: Overall coat style (single breasted and two or one button front)

Jackets can be single breasted or double breasted. Given that a sportcoat is inherently casual (i.e. sporty), we recommend a single breasted jacket style.

Which brings us to buttons.

Your options are one, two and three buttons on the jacket front. But for a modern look, you’ll want to go with either one or two.

For a versatile jacket, we recommend a two button front and here’s why: a fall sportcoat is inherently a practical item. A one button coat is very trendy and errs on the side of a cocktail jacket (i.e. sophisticated). This can be a great look with the right fabric, but for an all-around versatile jacket, a two button front will carry you through your daily meetings and into date night with ease.

Step 4: Choose some fun details for your fall jacket

There are some notable details that really shine in a fall sportcoat.

First, the fabric beneath the lapel. You probably never even gave it much thought, did you? Here’s why I think it’s a fun thing to customize: because sportcoats are still coats, they keep you warm. And the transitional season of fall here in Colorado can bring with it relatively warm mornings and chilly evenings.

So, when the wind kicks up and gives you a chill, pop the lapel and throw on a scarf and gloves. With the lapel up you have a chance to show the world that you thought of everything by choosing a color that refers back to the rest of the jacket, perhaps even an accent button stitching.

Secondly, you can add a ticket pocket. It’s the third pocket that you sometimes see on a suit jacket just above the typical side pockets. Historically, gentlemen would keep their, you guessed it, theater tickets inside that pocket. Since fall is the time of year when we start spending more time indoors and looking for things to do away from the cooling weather, we think a ticket pocket is a nice touch.

How to buy a fall sportcoat: wrap up

So, there you have it. Our tips on how to buy a fall sportcoat that is both modern and versatile, whether you’re wearing it to the office or out apple picking.

Please note that the key point we want to get across is that sportcoats are downright useful this time of year. They can keep you warm and seamlessly take you from your walk to the office right into your first meeting of the day. Plus, a fine woolen jacket is just going to feel great to wear.

As always, let us know if you have any questions, we’re always here to help!