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High Twist Fabrics: Perfect for Travel and No Wrinkling!

September 04 2019 – Hemanth Mirpuri

High Twist fabrics are experiencing a bit of a renaissance recently; Dormeuil has introduced a new Tonik Wool collection; Fox Brothers has launched Fox Air and Holland & Sherry has two collections named Crispaire and Eco Traveler.

But what is it? High Twist cloths are woven from strands of yarn that are woven tighter together than otherwise. The result is a more breathable, open weave fabric that is incredibly resistant to wrinkling and makes it great for travel.

The downside? The fabric is not soft as more traditionally woven fabrics although, this has improved significantly with the launch of these new ranges. As the only tailor in Switzerland with these fabrics, feel free to make an appointment to take a look by clicking here. 
Below is a brief summary of the different collections that we carry:
Dormeuil Tonik Wool - Tonik® Wool’s high twist yarn is woven with a stretch weft that combines comfort with crease-free qualities unusual in a fabric weight of 295gr, ideal for modern lifestyles. The choice of classic wool from Patagonia, produced and expertly selected in the best traditions, allows guaranteed traceability throughout. 

Holland & Sherry Eco-Traveller - Constructed from a high-twist yarn and woven from a plain weave construction, the fabrics from this collection have natural high-performance benefits, making them the ideal choice for business travel attire. Coupled with a water-saving finish, these fabrics are the perfect choice for business travel and have an eco-friendly quality too. 

Fox Brothers Fox Air - Fox Air is a tropical suiting cloth with a crisp, dry handle. Woven using a 2-ply uptwisted worsted wool to achieve a crease resistant cloth that is the ideal travel companion. The merino wool, woven in plain weave, will breathe in the summer heat. The Fox Air collection contains a variety of classic designs; pinstripes, windowpanes and glenchecks in refined colours including classic navy, melange grey, denim, walnut and olive. All suitable for suiting and jacketing and, true to form of Fox Brothers, woven without compromise.