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Five Ways To Improve Your Festive Style

November 20 2015 – Hemanth Mirpuri

The festive season is upon us and to most that means numerous events and gatherings in the run up to December 31st. The majority of these will tend to be fairly formal in terms of dress code, irrespective of whether they are work related or not.

It is with this in mind that we have selected five simple touches to elevate your style. It is already a little too late to order that bespoke suit or dinner jacket, but the devil is in the detail and these details can make all the difference.

1. Velvet Bow Tie. I can hear the numerous traditionalists and naysayers revolting at this suggestion, but a velvet bow tie adds a bit of flair to every dinner jacket. As the fabric is thicker than the traditional silk, it is always best to go with a slightly larger bow tie than you may be used to. For those wanting to be classical, a black one will serve you well; for those seeking a bit more excitement, I would suggest the colour claret. A light blue velvet bow tie is not an option, regardless of which celebrity wore it recently.

2. Cufflinks. Not just for the ostentatious, cufflinks are perfect for injecting some personality into your party looks. The beauty is that you can be as imaginative as you would like; for formal events you can go with the traditional mother of pearl cufflinks or the silver knots and for more casual events you can go for festive inspired themes. However, the first step would be to create a bespoke shirt with french cuffs, before building your cufflink collection.

3. Socks. I am not talking about the usual bright red socks that have a santa or reindeer on them - I am suggesting Filoscozia Cotton socks in very unique colours that can be used to coordinate with the trousers and shoes that you are wearing. Socks are indeed the new forefront for menswear personalisation; they can be wild for particular events or have a drop of colour that separates them from your usual black socks. Personally, black socks are reserved for the most of formal events - for work its either charcoal or blue and on the weekend it really depends on your mood.

4. Lapel Pins. These do not need to the traditional flower pins that have become more common place recently. Lapel pins can be a lot more personal; professional pins can be worn for a variety of reasons and can signify a great many things. The possibilities are limitless, but it's best to remember to wear lapel pins appropriate for the venue or event you may be attending. Pins touting academic accomplishment might seem out of place at a social event, but a small flower might fit in perfectly at those festivities.

5. Pocket Squares. I would recommend cotton pocket squares for day to day suits and silk only for black tie events. Again, try and avoid the Christmas themed pocket squares and invest in a couple of plain colours and a few patterned pocket squares that would compliment your suit. If you are wearing a black suit, only a white pocket square will match. For those who have gone with a charcoal or a navy blue, the options are much more numerous.

The key to remember is that above five suggestions are interchangeable - by all means do not use all of them at the same time! By choosing one or two for each event you can dress up the same suit and change the impression that you are trying to create, from formal to casual or the other way.

Have a great time!